Qualified for IEM Katowice 2020

StarCraft esports are apparently constant. While there are a lot of stars, they appear to be all over the place, continually contending in whatever number competitions as could be expected under the circumstances. The most recent of those competitions is the European Server Qualifier for the up and coming IEM Katowice 2020. Obviously, this competition was a qualifier for another, similarly that competitors need to contend just to meet all requirements to vie for the Olympics. With this qualifier competition, three players meet all requirements to move onto the major alliances with IEM Katowice 2020, which will be occurring from February 24th through March first.

In any case, this isn’t “only a qualifier” – there are 160 players contending, and just three of them proceed onward. Also, these aren’t minor players, either, with names like Neeb, Kelazhur, SpeCial, and even Scarlett, of whom has the differentiation of being the lady with the most elevated prize income in esports. The competition closes with three distinct sections, with players being set dependent on their successes and misfortunes. Serral, Elazer, and Cure have Qualified for IEM Katowice 2020 via the European Server QualifierAfter being taken out of the competition, players enter the washout’s section, where the champ at that point gets an opportunity to guarantee triumph and win capability too. This is the manner by which Cure figured out how to be qualified in the wake of losing to Serral in the champ’s section’s finals, arrival him in a match against individual Terran principle uThermal. Fix discovered triumph in a 2-0 compass, proceeding onward against another Terran fundamental, SpeCial, and crushing him in 3-1. After this triumph, Cure had formally equipped for IEM Katowice, and is the main Terran to have done as such.

Serral experienced the knockout rounds with a couple of near disasters, beating Vanya 2-1 preceding clearing Neeb 2-0. Thereafter, Serral crushed Cure in a nearby 3-2 matchup, procuring himself triumph in the victor’s section and capability. Our third qualified player is Elazer, who had a run comprised of many Zerg-Zerg matchups. Playing against Denver was a 2-0 compass that saw him moving against Scarlett, figuring out how to squeeze out a 3-1 against the Canadian player. Once against SpeCial, Elazer found a 3-2 triumph as Serral had, joining his individual Zerg fundamental bound for Katowice. This triumph sees them moving legitimately to the Group Stage of Katowice in slightly over a month. No Protoss players had the option to discover capability right now. Be that as it may, these three players will join a lot of others, where Protoss mains Zest and Stats are anticipating. At present, the program for Katowice is comprised of Cure, Elazer, Serral, Zest, Maru, Reynor, Stats, TY, and Solar, with additional to come. It appears that Katowice will be about as serious as competitions can get.