Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

Netflix has reportedly expressed interest in finding employment for former royal family members, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, according to the New York Post. Content manager Ted Sarandos recently reportedly spoke to the Guardian and asked, “Who wouldn’t be interested?”

Sarandos added, “yes, of course”, when asked if he would like to make a deal with the former actress and her husband after they leave their senior posts in the royal family. This follows several media reports of Prince Harry’s connection of Meghan’s voice services to Bob Iger and Jon Favreau.

As previously reported, Harry apparently had a conversation with Jon Favreau at the Lion King premiere and a VCR picked it up saying, “If anyone needs more voiceover work. .. “. Meghan joked that this was the real reason why they were there, “this is the field!”

Earlier in the same event, Harry also chatted with Disney CEO Bob Iger, suggesting that Meghan was a good voice actress. Bob also seemed interested in giving up his work. Subsequently, the London Times reported that Meghan had in fact just signed an agreement with The Walt Disney Company for a project that has not been revealed.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Sought After By Netflix For Upcoming Project  The newspaper said that rather than receiving direct payment, they should rather donate money to one of their philanthropic associations, the Elephants Without Borders project.

MarketWatch noted earlier this year that if Meghan and the Prince worked with the streaming behemoths, they would then have access to their huge 158 million subscriber base. Earlier in the day, Meghan’s father hit the headlines for comments on the royal couple’s decision to leave office in the UK.

Thomas told Channel 5 documentary filmmaker that it was a real nuisance to the royal family, which has been a long-standing institution.
In addition, he added that Meghan and the prince would probably never speak to him again, especially after talking about it in the press. Fans know that Thomas and Meghan no longer have the best relationship. In fact, they have none at all.