Porsha Williams Responds To Andy Cohen’s

Porsha Williams sat comfortably in her chair during Andy Cohen’s show and answered a few juicy questions. The most exciting thing for her fans and her audience was probably the one Andy wanted to know if she trusted Dennis McKinley these days.

As you know, there have been allegations of cheating floating around Dennis last year and this year as well, which is why this problem is quite tense.

But here’s what the gorgeous Porsha answered the question:

Porsha basically said the two were figuring things out, especially since they have a daughter together.

Porsha asked the fans to pray for her family and also for themselves.

Someone said, “Gurl, he made you look like a fool. Gurl thinks it’s over, ” and another follower posted this, “ She doesn’t know what’s going on. ”

One commenter wrote: ‘Ugh so creepy boring! No one wants to talk about infidelity in their relationship. Especially on live TV 🙄😒 ‘and someone else said,’ Poor Porsha, this stuff is embarrassing and for it to be public, it’s really heartbreaking, my heart goes to it❤️ ‘

Another disciple said, “She is too pretty to” understand “. He should be the one trying to understand.

Another of Porsha’s supporters understands what she is feeling and said, ‘She’s trying to forgive him but it won’t last. Porsha Williams Responds To Andy Cohen’s Question Regarding Her Trust In Dennis McKinley Following All The Cheating Allegations – See The Video I know how she feels.

You may remember that Dennis previously admitted to cheating on Porsha when she was pregnant with their daughter.
He confessed to it during an episode of RHOA and while at first he blamed the pregnancy for his infidelity, he finally admitted to being “ selfish ”, which led Porsha to give to the man one more chance. We’ll just have to see if he blows it or not.