Ludacris Addresses R. Kelly Lyric In His New Song – He Stands By It

Earlier this week, Ludacris hit the headlines when he released a brand new song that made reference to the R. Kelly scandal. As most Western countries know, R. Kelly has been charged with crimes of heinous sexual abuse following the broadcast of the widely broadcast television series Surviving R. Kelly on Lifetime.

Since the controversy began, many of his former collaborators, friends, acquaintances and even members of his former inner circle have distanced themselves from the controversial performer and left Kelly to fend for herself. Ludacris Addresses R. Kelly Lyric In His New Song – He Stands By It

Ludacris, who has been busy in other areas of his career recently, including in the Fast and Furious franchise, released an all-new song around the same time as his IG Live session with Country Grammar artist Nelly .

Hot New Hip Hop resumed a conversation with Ludacris and a popular radio station in which the interpreter revealed why he chose to include the lyrics. In case you missed it, Ludacris opens his song by saying that he loved R. Kelly but that he certainly would not have it with his daughters.

During the conversation with the Atlanta radio station, V103, Ludacris said he “was just being honest.” Ludacris clarified that as much as he enjoyed Kelly’s music over the years, he certainly wouldn’t allow him to spend time alone with his daughters.