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Is there any doubt that Megyn Kelly is one in every of the most popular news anchors within the world? The self-proclaimed freelance news host recently declared.Fox News’ Megyn Kelly has been one in every of the a lot of outstanding media figures in what quickly became the wildest U.S. Presidential election cycle in history.Kelly and Republican politico Donald Trump had a awfully public beef back in might of this year.Kelly defended herself in Associate in Nursing interview with individuals Magazine, stating, “I would not have done that photograph shoot if i assumed it absolutely was one thing to be shamed regarding. In her new book accept a lot of, Megyn came out and expressed that President-Elect Donald Trump tried to influence her coverage of him via gifts. She’s conjointly gone on the record to mention that she’s aloof from the sole one he tried to shop for. Megyn kelly pictures “This is truly one in every of the much stories of the 2016 campaign: i used to be not the sole journalist to whom Trump offered gifts clearly meant to form coverage.”She’s conjointly been a pay attention of the dispute encompassing Roger Ailes, the ex-Fox News corporate executive UN agency was forced to resign in disgrace when he was suspect of sexually assaulting females at Fox News. whereas some workers of Fox News supported Roger publically, Megyn has spoken out against Roger. She’ll seem on Dr. Phil‘s show on to debate those allegations, though everybody already is aware of wherever she stands. A sneak peek at the Dr. Phil episode had this small snipping. however i would like individuals to know this was real, he did try this, and that i was aloof from the sole one.”