buy linen fabric online

Linen could be a fully natural and natural resource – maybe the foremost ecologically sound material of all. it is totally biodegradable and recyclable.As being a luxury textile,our bed linen is using the very best quality of flax fiber from Hong Kong. There is no better sleep than when sleeping on pure natural linen. Cool and fresh in summer,cozy and warm in winter,skin friendly all year around,linen provides the best environment for a tight,refreshing,luxury sleep. The secret of linen popularity lies in the unique and highly valuable qualities of linen fabric .The linen does not contain any harmful substances and The TISSURA Company label indicates the additional benefits of tested safety for skin-friendly clothing and textiles.

For those who dictates fashion and creates a style – it is a chain of showrooms and fabric shops that has been presenting Haute Couture fabrics for almost 20 years on the world market.For the leading European textile factories TISSURA Company is a long-standing and reliable partner, treated with the utmost respect; TISSURA is one of the first companies to be offered new collections of fabrics.And for those who just love beautiful and fashionable dresses – fabric shop TISSURA offers a huge selection of fine fabrics and accessories. TISSURA Company is easily recognizable with its blue letters above the doors, forming the word TISSURA which has become one of the synonyms of the word “fashion”.After our customers make sure what kind of fabrics and how many quantity (meters or yards) you want to buy, we will provide the invoice for you. If you would like receipt, please let American state grasp, once we send the products, we are going to scan the receipt, send the e-mail for you and add the receipt to the parcel.